In 1878 March, when Camus gave birth to the first two children

reenex 膠原自生價錢In 1878 March, when Camus gave birth to the first two children, Monet faced difficulties, he wrote to Zola letter said: home can not fire, his wife in the disease, yesterday I ran a day Did not borrow money. In another letter I said: If I can not pay six hundred francs tomorrow night, we will be rushed to the street. In the weight of life, coupled with long-term opposition to the results of the official Sharon, deviated from the line was the majority of people, then Monet has been considering how to seize the opportunity to improve the personal situation. As a result, in 1880 his two works will be sent to the salon, Monet this was Degas as “apostate” Impressionist painter appeared between the cracks. To this end, Monet did not participate in the 5th and 6th exhibition.
reenex 膠原自生價錢Into the 80's, the sea became Monet's new source of creativity. After several years, in the English coast, Etouta and other places, Monet many times to capture the effect of light and shadow of the moment, creating a number of more than before the impact of more works, this was known as Monet Of the “Etota era”.
reenex 膠原自生價錢March 1, 1882, the 7th Joint Exhibition opened, according to Manet said: Here, he “found all the brilliant works of impressionism.” In this exhibition, there are 35 works by Monet. In 1886 the 8th joint exhibition, is the last time, Monet did not participate. It marked the disintegration of the impressionist movement.
Since 1883, Monet began to settle in Giverny, never moved. Giverny is located in Paris along the Seine to the middle of Rouen. The residence has a beautiful environment, pleasant scenery, there is avenue, flower beds, ponds, small bridge painter in his later years many of the works are done here.
In 1889 June, in commemoration of the French Revolution 100 anniversary, Monet and Rodin two masters held works of joint exhibition, including 1864-1889 Monet's works 66, won praise.
Into the 90's, Monet created a number of works, namely “group painting.” The so-called “group painting” is the painter in the same position, the face of the same object, at different times, different light, the number of paintings made. This is probably Monet's works in his later years a feature. For example, 1890-91 years, the same haystack, painters were in different seasons morning, afternoon and evening sun, the object presented by the different colors, serving up to 15 times depicting. In 1891-92 years, with the same practice created the “Poplar group painting.” 1900-04 years, created the “London scenery group painting”. When the 1892-1944 creation of “Rouen Cathedral group painting”, Monet rented a house across from the church, start writing from the dawn, with the sun changes in painting, the day down, as much as 20 pieces of work. In this creation, he is often very early, loaded with a car canvas, according to the changes in sunlight, every two hours to change a painting. In the late 80s and early 90s, there was a group painting “Water Lilies”. In November 1900, in the gallery of Doran and Luehl, Monet's “Water Lilies in the Pool” group of 26 paintings was exhibited with great success. In 1904, in the gallery on display just completed the scenery on the River Thames group painting.
September-December 1908, Monet and his wife Aris went to Venice to travel. Southern scenery, mild climate, moist air, reflected in the water on the clouds, buildings, all this aroused the artist's desire to create. Here he works for more than 30 pieces.